4 Steps to Creating Effective Online Videos

Getting in front of camera can be very intimidating, but it does not have to be. Use these four actionable steps to create attractive business videos that resonate with your audiences.

1. Develop a script.

One method you can avoid stage fright on camera is by developing a script before you hit the record button. Developing a script for a business video sounds method more fancy than it is. Basically, the goal of writing your script isn’t to develop an elaborate essay. Rather, it is to create a detailed outline about the bullet points you want to mention in your videos.

So how do you actually go about creating a script? The first step is coming up with your specific topic idea. Without worrying about form / layout, begin to write down supporting details of your topic. Once you have a satisfying amount of providing details, you then begin to work on the videobuilder.

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It’s a good practice to begin with the main message you are trying to convey, start flowing into the supporting details. Once you come up with all your ideas, arrange them in a way that makes sense for your audiences.

Take your organized ideas & begin to lay them out in a script format. Remember, though, this isn’t an essay. You want to make sure this script can be vocalized fluently. Read your current script aloud; when you come across a section that does not feel natural, make adjustments.

2. Look your best on camera.

Part of the reason so people are worried about getting on camera is because they are worried about what they look like / how they’re being perceived. Here’re a couple of tricks to make sure you look the best on camera to eliminate the unnecessary anxiety.

One of the biggest things to concentrate when shooting your video is the light quality of the image. Most of people who are new to video overlook this simple yet important detail. A cost effective way to increase the light quality is to shoot your videos next to the window to use natural sunlight, because nothing beats the quality of natural sunlight.

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If using sunlight isn’t an option, find a couple of light sources around your office / house. Try to find multiple lamps & use them to light up both sides of your face. Another mistake many new video creators make is they do not focus on the framing of the shot. Just because your eyes & your mouth are in the frame of your camera does not mean your shot looks good. Try keeping your camera at eye level. If you are using a webcam on a laptop do what you could to raise the laptop webcam to the level of your eye. The biggest benefit to shooting your video in this method is getting rid of an unflattering double chin.

3. To edit or not to edit?

The step is completely optional. Sometimes editing your videos is a necessity to remove long pauses, and other times it develops production value. However, video platforms such as FB Live, Snapchat and Instagram Stories are increasing in popularity, which means customers are gravitating toward the natural, raw & uncut look of videos.

If you do want to edit your videos, video beginners should start with iMovie if you are on a Mac or Windows Movie Maker if you are on a PC. When you’re editing you might find that there’re many areas you need to cut out. A good way to cover up your edits is by using additional footage, otherwise known as B-roll. Take this additional footage & play it over cuts to make them less noticeable.

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4. Upload & optimize for search.

As entrepreneurs, we need to concentrate creating a voice for ourselves and our businesses. One of the great ways to do that is being found in organic search. If you want your videos to be discovered in search you should be uploading them to YouTube. YouTube is owned by the largest search engine in the world, Google. What means is Google’s algorithm is biased towards YouTube videos, so this is the place to be.

Do not expect to upload a video and be found by thousands of people, though. What you need to do is improve your YouTube videos. The best way to do this is by doing keyword research by using Google’s Keyword Planner. Come up with the keyword methods around your topic that are getting the most traffic on Google. Use those popular keywords in your title, description & tags when uploading your video. This is the data the YouTube algorithm uses to determine where your video could be ranked in search.



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