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Provided the tight competition in online marketing, nowadays, Internet entrepreneurs (like you, right?) got to be creative. Otherwise, your marketing efforts may stall. And, one secret way of being creative is by creating lead magnets and eBooks for marketing.

Creating lead magnets as incentives to target prospective customers is an excellent way of winning their attention. eBooks are another tool that promotes as well as monetize your blogs well. The experts pay tribute to and endorse these two as the unrivaled tools for effective marketing. However, creating the two demands a lot from online entrepreneurship enthusiasts. And, a tool that helps you with creating them must be a windfall.

Today, we’ll delve into the details of one of the tools ~ Designrr. What is it? How can it help us? Is it worth the price? Blah blah blah…. Learn all these from this comprehensive review of the engine.

What is Designrr?

Designrr is a cloud-based service that primarily helps you to create eBooks and lead magnets from scratch ~ you don’t need to be an expert in the field. The tool can change media from one format to another. Examples include changing:

√ Social media contents to eBooks.

√ Microsoft Word documents to PDF files (eBooks).

√ A blog post into a PDF.

√ Podcasts into cheat sheets… And more.

It gives you a comfortable time doing this. For example, in turning a blog post into a PDF, Designrr won’t leave you with any additional task, as it’ll get rid of all the ads, sidebars, and so on. You’ll end up with an eBook in a few steps, and at almost no effort. In turn, you can sell the eBooks, or use lead magnets to market your blog. So generally, Designrr will save both your time and effort.

Who’s Brainchild Is It?

The idea of creating such a tool is from an expert in the software entrepreneurship field. The expert’s also the one behind the popular Page “One Traffic,” in which he is the CEO, anyway. His name is Paul Clifford Bannister. I’m sure you’re likely to have bumped upon this popular name on the Internet.

Paul has sufficient knowledge on how to do marketing most successfully. He’s generous enough to share this knowledge with you through Designrr.

How Does It Work?

Designrr works both swiftly and simply. Just a few steps and you’re done! Have a look at the most essential steps below.

  1. Have the URL with you.

Here, you need to copy the URL from which you need the content obtained. Designrr will load your content, excluding the adverts, and any other material that you won’t like in an eBook ~ the experts know all of them.

  1. Choose A Template From The Available 12.

Here, you get to select your preferred template for the eBook. You also have the opportunity to change the color, font, images, and styles.

  1. Make Preferred Changes To Fine Tune your Content.

At this step, you can add images from Designerr’s wide assortment of copyright-free files. You are also allowed to upload your own. Also, it is at this step that you can change the headers, foots, covers, and include a CTA (call to action).

  1. Move on and publish.

Your fine-tuned PDF will be available in your device. You can then publish, sell, and/or do other marketing activities you choose to do with it.

What’s The Pricing?

I’ll first talk about the least price with the best offers. This is a one-time fee of only $27. It is currently available for all users. With it, you get the most basic services of Designrr for life! This sounds too good to be true, but it’s actually true.

There is also the Pro Plan that goes at $39 each month, the Premium Plan that sells at $49 per month, and the Business Plan at $99 a month. Ideally, the more the cost, the more the features and convenience. Make sure that you evaluate your best-fitting package before you make a purchase.

Who Can Use It?

If you remember my earlier statement that amateurs in the marketing field can use this program, you know who should use it. To expand on it, anyone that needs to improve his/her marketing strategies with new content formats can use this. So it doesn’t matter whether you’re an amateur or an expert. As long as you need to improve your marketing, Designrr is the best tool to seek refuge from.

Customer Care.

If your questions aren’t answered by the FAQ section on the homepage of its website, you can reach the customer care via:

√ A phone contact number: (858) 201-6490.

√ A physical contact address provided on the site.

I have determined, personally, that the customer care agents are both prompt and relevant in addressing your concerns. This is all you need for excellent services.

Is It A Scam?

I like criticism, of course. Asking such a question proves that you’re vigilant on the way you spend your hard-earned cash. My answer is, No, this isn’t a scam. And I can support it.

First, most scams won’t let you access their customer care services in real-time, but Designrr does. In fact, some scams will even provide you with a contact form which you’ll fill, only to realize that you won’t ever get a response. Designrr, on its side, lets you get access to their customer care services directly. It doesn’t do cards.

Secondly, no scam will have genuine and positive reviews like Designrr does. Scams will either buy fake reviews and hide the honest feedbacks from customers.

Also, while Designrr offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee, no scam will ever dare do that. Or, some can pledge a fake money-back guarantee and default paying you back.

Designrr is developed by a real person and an expert in his field. Contact details of the merchant are also availed for Custer’s. Which scam will ever dare to do such a thing? Absolutely none!

Bottom Line.

Lead magnets and eBooks have always proved to be time-consuming to produce, but highly effective in increasing your email list. Designrr helps you create both (alongside other offers) within no time, from scratch. This is the ideal tool for you if you want to take your marketing to the next level. I strongly recommend it to you, pals ~ best of luck.

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