Facebook Updates Profile Frames Page, Adds 200 National Flags

Facebook Updates Profile Frames Page, Adds 200 National Flags

FB has updated their Profile Frames page, adding in a heap of new Frame options and a new interface for searching for & adding the image enhancements.

First off, they have changed the layout of the screen – you used to be able to get a listing of the available frames to the right of your profile image (on desktop), but it’s been switched to a simple search bar on the left, with no option to get a full list.

There is also a new listing on the left hand side of your image when you first open the page which shows you Frames that friends have used.

This could be a idea to encourage users to do the same – while in the main listing, you now need to type in the frame you are after to find a relevant match. Facebook’s added more than 200 national flags so you could display an indicator of your home nation on your profile image.

Why, exactly, Facebook’s selected to add in these flags is not clear – although Facebook has tried out national-themed profile tools before, most around the Olympics. Obviously options have proven popular, which is likely why Facebook’s expanding them & making them available all the time.

Profile Frames first appeared on The Social Network back in 2017, when FB released the rainbow ‘Pride’ frame to celebrate the US Supreme Court’s decision to let same-sex couples would have the right to marry in US states.


The filter was applied by millions of all users around the world, and FB sought to build on that popularity shortly after, adding in ‘Team Frames’ which users show their support for college football teams.

Facebook added in a new custom frames option last December, through which users can make their own profile image additions.

And while they are not as comprehensive as Snapchat’s popular Geofilters (Snap Inc. says  “on average, more than a billion Snaps with Geofilters are viewed on our application”), Profile Frames do add something different to Facebook –Facebook’s also experimented with using them in marketing plans, like the Star Wars frame released to mark the opening of Episode 7.

This latest update can signal that Facebook is looking to put more emphasis on Frames, add even more new options, in future.




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