Periscope Announces New Groups Update, Broadens Access to Periscope Producer

Twitter-owned live-streaming app Periscope has presented some changes to groups on the platform, providing additional functionality which may have gains for brand usage.

The firstly update is the addition of Closed Groups. As explained by Periscope:

“Closed groups let the creator of a group to be its sole administrator, meaning that only the administrator will be able to add / remove members and change the group title. To create a closed group / close a group after creating it, turn on the “closed group” setting from the management screen. If a group is closed, you’ll see this next to the group title.”

The selection adds to the Groups function Periscope added last November, which allows broadcasters to share within a much more controlled, tight-knit group – an option that could make people feel more comfortable about going live in the first place.

Closed Groups is the next level of this, and can be useful to businesses looking to broadcast more specific content / facilitate private community interaction. It may be a means to broadcast content to paid subscribers only.

In addition to this, Periscope’s added in a new option so users can choose which groups they join.

Sounds like it should be a given, right? I will let Periscope explain:

“We are also giving you the choice to accept or decline group invites; you will no longer get added to a group automatically. You can opt into this change by turning off the “Auto-accept Group Invites” setting in profile. If you opt-out of automatically joining groups, you will not see any notifications in that group until you accept the invite to join. You can make changes to groups in Settings under Notifications.”

The changes have been implemented as a result of community feedback, so there was a need for the group membership clarification.

Now the updates come on the back of a note late last week that users can broadcast through Periscope Producer.

Anyone can broadcast with Periscope Producer – available on Android, iOS & web!

— Periscope Help (@periscopehelp) February 23, 2017

Initially only available to choose broadcasters when it was released last October, Periscope Producer allows users to stream content direct to Periscope via a wide range of devices beyond the basic mobile device – including studio editing rigs, professional grade cameras, satellite trucks, games, desktop streaming software – and even VR headsets.

This provides significantly more options on the quality & creative front – we were first alerted to Producer in testing with live-streamer Alex Pettit back.

okay @periscopeco i see you with your fancy graphics or external video sources feature


— Sam Sheffer (@samsheffer) September 1, 2016

As you can see, it broadens the scope of what is possible in your broadcast – it won’t be for everyone, as you do need some technical skill to utilize these tools, but it’s available to all broadcasters.

So, cool, right? Periscope is getting some new features to play around with and improve your streams. Oh – except all of these features are available on FB Live already.

That is right, Facebook is moving much quicker on live-streaming – they showed Live for Groups back in April, and have had options for Live broadcasts via third party tools in place since around the same time. That is not to criticize for Periscope for improving their tools – all options provide benefit. But it does highlight the battle they’re facing with Zuck & Co on this front – Facebook is bigger, with a larger audience, and increasingly, more tools & options.

Twitter is where things happen, no doubt, it is where people turn to for real-time updates. Hopefully they can continue to translate the emphasis over to live-streaming & make it a more essential offering, even in the face of strong competition.



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