PerkZilla Review

PerkZilla the smart solution for rapid list growth & explosive levels of viral traffic for your site…

The first way to get your niche buzzing…

Some of the very best & most responsive traffic you can get is referral traffic.

Think about it for a second…

You know all those ads you place?

Yeah, your prospects are blind to them. They are conditioned to ignore anything that looks like advertising. That is why the conversion rates are so low and the traffic is so unresponsive.

Why should people listen to you, a virtual stranger?

People who do not know you do not trust you. They are not going to rush to buy your product or join your list no matter how slick your sales copy is. The only way they would pay any attention to you is if a friend recommended your website, products or content.

Makes sense, right? Your prospects have no reason to listen to you, because you are a stranger. But you can bet they are going to pay attention when a friend recommends your stuff.

And that is why word of mouth traffic is some of the best & most profitable traffic you can get, hands down.

Except there is a big problem…

Most marketers struggle to get their niche buzzing. They put out great content, but people do not talk about it. At least not in big numbers. So, any referral traffic campaign flops. Big time.

The solution?

You need to give your niche a good reason to refer their friends. And one really good reason is to dangle something super-enticing in front of their noses. This might be a free product, a coupon or a contest entry in exchange for their referrals.

Some call it a bribe. Some call it an incentive. We call it the key to getting your niche buzzing about your contests, products, lead pages & content.

Now here is the second problem…

Until now, it is been tricky to track & deliver these incentives automatically.

But not anymore.

Because in just [NUMBER OF DAYS] days you are going to have an opportunity to get your hands on PerkZilla, which is a web-based app that completely automates this process.

It tracks your referrals. It delivers incentives automatically. And it makes it easier than ever for you to get referral traffic, grow your list exponentially, and get more sales.

So, mark your calendar for [LAUNCH DATE] and watch this space!

Getting referral traffic has never been easier or more profitable! More details about PerkZilla coming soon – watch for them, because you’re going to love this tool!

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PerkZilla Review And Overview

  • Creator: Promote Labs Inc
  • Product: PerkZilla
  • Release Date: 2017-Nov-07
  • Release Time: 10:00 EST
  • Front-End Price: $197
  • Sales Page: Click here
  • Niche: General

PerkZilla The Easiest & Most Affordable Way To Run Your Next Viral Marketing Campaign



With PerkZilla you can automatically deliver content, bonuses & more in exchange for emails and social shares.

Encourage visitors to subscribe for incentives such as discount coupons and PDFs to capture leads then give away MORE bonuses & rewards when new subscribers share your offer with their friends.


Harness the power of ‘word of mouth’ referrals to explode your subscriber numbers – It is list building on overdrive!

Offer a compelling prize or targeted incentive then when a visitor enters your contest with their email you can encourage them to refer others for additional entries, other perks & additional rewards – All on complete autopilot!


The PerkZilla platform has been developed to assist businesses, marketers and site owners spread the word about their launches.

Grow your prospect base quickly & create a competitive environment where your most loyal clients become your top advocates. This rapidly builds a ‘buzz’ via word of mouth about your products, services & your brand.

Here’s What Makes PerkZilla So Powerful…

PerkZilla Review

Get Coupon Code Now + Get Fast Action Bonus

Begin Growing Your Business The Smart Way…

Most website owners rely on traditional boring web forms & landing pages to build their audience. The problem is this isn’t a proactive process & there is little in the way of ‘marketing strategy’ beyond just hoping for the best “I want more sign ups, let’s put a form.”

It does not work. The problem is even a great landing page needs traffic. And when you are focused on conversion optimization the key element TRAFFIC can become pushed to the long grass. But no traffic = no sign ups = no sales – A vicious loop that becomes almost impossible to extract yourself out from.

Perkzilla changes this dynamic: Why not use a form that actively incentivizes users to share your site on social media and with friends, in turn “vouching” for your company & getting you more sign ups? It is a win-win for your business & your users.

Think about it, if you could get 10% off your next purchase, a free gift or other incentive just by sharing a link with a click, wouldn’t you?

More Traffic, More Sign-Ups, Less Hassle…


Word-of-mouth marketing isn’t only low cost, but it is one of the most effective ways to market a product or service for great results.


We do not limit you to templates like other services – Inserting a viral referral system to your website is done by pasting in a single line of code.


Because every new subscriber you acquire is encouraged / incentivized to share with others, you will see a better return on acquisition cost.


Become one of our ‘Early Adopters’ today & grab a heavily discounted LIFETIME account with zero ongoing annual or monthly fees.

PerkZilla Frequently Asked Questions…

Is there a guarantee?

Of course – if you are not happy with PerkZilla, we do not want your money. You get 30 days to try out the platform. If you are not satisfied, just let us know and we will send you a refund. You can even export all the new leads you have generated in that time.

How much will PerkZilla be after ‘Early Adopter’ is over?

Professional will cost $497 Annually, Growth will be $297 per year and our Starter account will be $97 for every 12 months. Act now & you will save a lot!

That is quite expensive?

Yes it is. But even at regular pricing we will still remain competitively priced compared to alternative services that charge thousands of dollars each year for less!

Will you water my plants while I am on vacation?

Sorry, no we would most likely kill them, but PerkZilla will keep working for you 24/7 to grow your subscriber list whatever you are doing even if that is slacking off at the beach.

Can I export my leads from the platform?

Of course – You can connect to your autoresponder & automatically add leads to your preferred service & you can export all campaign leads to CSV.

Can I delete a campaign and start again?

Of course – Lower level plans have set ‘active’ campaigns, but you can delete any campaign to make new ones up to your limit.

How many subscriber leads can I collect?

It depends on your selected plan, but the Unlimited plan currently come with Unlimited leads at no extra cost.

What about security & spam prevention?

PerkZilla has you covered – Simply turn on the ‘confirmation first’ email setting & only confirmed subscribers will be inserted to your autoresponder & campaigns.

What if my user has already signed up?

Theyll be reminded that they’re already signed up & given their referral link with share options to drive more referrals for you.

Do you allow pixel tracking and/or Google Analytics?

Yes – In your form settings simply insert a Tracking Page URL… This puts the welcome message on a separate page of your selection for tracking purposes. You can insert any tracking/pixel codes you like on this page (just remember to add your widget code to it too)

Can I use my own domains/URLs for the referral links?

Yes! We havve made it easy to use your own domains for the viral share/referral links your visitors will use to invite their friends.
Note: You will need our Unlimited account plan which comes with full ‘white label’ functionality.


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