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Creating content is one of the most important tasks to marketers, especially on-line marketers. The more appealing the content is, the more likely to attract more viewers. However, this is also the task that makes marketers frustrated the most as the content they create doesn’t meet the criteria. It doesn’t convert no matter how hard they try. I have also been in this situation for a while.

I wandered on the Internet for many days to see if there is any go-to solution to this issue & I discovered a wonderful product called Sqzin. In this Sqzin Review, I’m going to show you everything you should know about this tool. Let’s check out!

About the author – Cindy Donovan

Cindy Donovan is a successful digital marketers & software creator. She earned massive profit from JV market. With the experience she had, she developed many products that are highly recommended by experts in the world. You can refer some of her launches such as Text deliver, Covert Commissions, InstaGenius, Vid Genie, Cinch Tweet, ChromEngage, and WP Blazer, etc.

To develop Sqzin, she has spent much time and energy. He desires to bring a new change for the way we run marketing effectively with effortless.

Sqzin Overview

  • Vendor: Cindy Donovan
  • Product: Sqzin
  • Release Date: 2017-Nov-08
  • Release Time: 11:00 EST
  • Front-End Price: $37
  • Sales Page: http://sqzin.co/
  • Niche: Social Media

How Does It Works?

To activate the platform, all you have to do is these steps as follows:

Step 1: Search for viral and popular content

Step 2: Squeeze: turn your links into squeeze pages with hot header

Step 3: Display it on your web-site

Step 4: Enjoy the results It’s super simple. Does not require many skills, anybody can do it.

Demo Video

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The easiest way to build bigger lists and get more sales and make more cash by tapping into this 100% viral traffic source

SQZin really is the easiest, most exciting way to make cash on the Internet…Ordinary people, all over the world, are making extra-ordinary part time and full-time incomes… with this amazing tool.

SQZin can pull in cash for you, every day, like steel to a magnet, without ANY of the hassles of regular link sharing:

No Writing Needed: You do not need to write a single word to make this work for you

No Editing Needed: If you can search for a keyword, then copy/paste a link you have all the skills you need

And No Website Needed: There is no need to even own your own we-bsite,

No Hosting Needed: This is cloud based, so you can login to your members area, get your link & share it so it works on PC or Mac


Sqzin Features

Viral Discovery Tool

These buttons may look innocent, but they’re secretly waiting to smash your traffic stats through the roof!

Social sharing buttons appear automatically with every link that you squeeze. Your visitor can share the great content on the major social media platforms you select.

Making every link you share instantly viral giving you tons of exposure for your customised calls to action buttons, option forms, affiliate links, product links, videos or whatever you choose to link to.

Viral Sharing Buttons

Social sharing buttons appear automatically with every link that you squeeze. Your visitor can share the great content on the major social media platforms you select.

Making every link you share instantly viral giving you tons of exposure for your customised calls-to-action buttons, option forms, product links, affiliate links, videos or whatever you choose to link to.


Cloaking & Tracking

Social sharing buttons appear automatically with every link that you squeeze. Your visitor can share the great content on the major social media platforms you select.

Making every link you share instantly viral giving you tons of exposure for your customised calls to action buttons, option forms, product links, affiliate links, videos or whatever you select to link to.

Video Squeeze Pages

Copy & paste your video link to create high converting video squeeze pages complete with auto-responder optin form, added calls to action & more.

You can profit immediately by adding an extra affiliate link in a pop over call to action too! Or use it to get people to a webinar… Or put a sales video from a product release, or an Amazon review video.

Customised Headers

On every page you squeeze, you’ll see an attention bar header. These are customisable, letting you use all kinds of tricky marketing techniques like:

– Simply keep it at the article/post name
– Rename it to something more targeted to your audience
– Add your company name for more branding
– Mention a special bonus offer for action takers
– Use it as a ‘pre’ headline to add extra ‘oomph’!

Add CTA’s & Optin Forms

Here’s the REAL gold! These are the attention grabbing slide-in’s that will drive more clicks than anything currently on the industry.

In the slide-in you can add an optin form, making it a clever eye catching lead capture page.

Or place a call-to-action button, linking to a targeted affiliate product, or a contact page, or anything you want to use that will make you cash!

Timer Controlled Squeeze

Use this feature to make timer controlled squeezepages.

You can set how long you want to make them wait, what you want them to see & then where you want to redirect them after (and which CTA/Optin form to show them).

You can use this to warm them up to an offer they’re about to see on the next page, mention your brand before sending them to an affiliate link, or welcome them to your eCommerce store… the options are all up to you!

Password Protect Option

Click the image to the right to see the password protection in action.

To unlock, you can use the password: vipdemo

Locking pages is useful for really increasing engagement, delivering special items, bonuses, exclusive content & really … any kind of secret/hidden/VIP type downloads you can think of!

Who should use Sqzin?

  • Shopify and WooCommerce

Squeeze a single product or even your entire store, then promote it like you normally would. People using this method have seen huge 300% instant boosts in sales.

Or use our discover feature to find trending products before they go viral so you can be at the forefront of the next fidget spinner craze!

  • Video Marketers

Our tool lets you create viral video squeeze pages in a snap, just get your YouTube video link and paste it into Sqzin.

You can add optin forms, calls to action & more making this the fastest way to get a video squeeze page created. Or, use it to make cash sharing cat videos!

  • Email Marketers

Cloak and track your links with a single click, add your own branding, mention your special bonus offers or a coupon you’ve got to increase conversions.

Or kick things up a notch by using the password lock feature to drive up higher engagement on the clicks, with more people opening, reading and watching.

  • Affiliate Marketers

Sqzin automatically cloaks your links to protect your commissions, making each affiliate promotion instantly more profitable.

Viral affiliate links: Possibly the most incredible thing you’ll ever see is people excitedly sharing YOUR affiliate promotional links for you, Sqzin makes it happen.

  • Website Owners

Use our instant social squeeze function which automatically turns links you choose on your website into an instantly squeezed viral page.

We will give you an (optional) line of code & then any time someone clicks the share buttons those pages shared are “squeezed” for you, with your optin/CTA’s!

  • Startup & New Marketers

Sqzin is so easy to use that anybody can use what you already have to make more cash & leads – or use our discover tool to find trending material.

Whatever stage of marketing you are at, you can and should use this to protect your links, tap into viral traffic and start making cash faster & easier than ever.

What Is Upsell & Price

  • Front end Product: Sqzin

Option #1: $14.97 for 3 months

Option #2: $29.97 for 1 year access

And Option #3: $24.97-$67 Lifetime (price rising during launch – get on the email list for all the details)

  • OTO1 : Sqzin Pro $17/m, $27/m or $47/m

Added Features Include:

– Autoresponder Integration

– WordPress Plugin

– Retargeting Pixels

– Custom Scripts

– Custom Overlay Feature

PLUS Added Media Pages & Splash Pages

  • OTO2 : Agency – $97 or $197 one time payment

Agency Access giving the ability to create 10-20 client access accounts

  • OTO3 : Sqzin Cash – $97/yr

Covert Commissions integration unlocking their choice of done for you, 100% managed marketing campaigns to automatically monetize their leads. If they cancel after 1 year they get to keep and use everything they own.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Is it ‘Newbie Friendly’ Is It, Really…?

A: SQZin is perfect for people just starting out on-line, and seasoned marketers alike. If you are worried about not making it work, do not.  We have got training videos to help you, and a team of friendly staff ready to assist along the way.

Q: How quickly can I start making cash with Sqzin?

A: Actually, I hate this question… but it’s ok, I know – you want to know.  The truth is, it depends on a lot of factors, the niche you select, what you plan to use Sqzin for (either newbies, viral video and/or traffic type uses – or higher level, list building, CTA strategies).   Results will of course vary, but if you use this tool you WILL see a marked increase in your traffic, sign ups & sales.  We guarantee it, or just ask for your money back.

Q: Are There Any Monthly Fees?

A: No, we normally charge a monthly subscription, but during launch we are waiving that subscription fee – letting you get access to the entire suite for a fraction of the price.

Q: What are ‘Monthly Actions’ and why is it limited to 1,000?

A: Using the software is mostly unlimited for the majority of what you will be doing, but for the actions we have had to cap it at 1,000.  While this might not sound like very many – 1,000 goes a long way, and is measured by unique visitors.

The actions are reset every month and you are getting a lifetime of activity to your pages, so after just 12 months of your lifetime membership you could have potentially received 12,000 new subscribers or clicks to your affiliate offers, making your investment cost of each of them just $0.003!

When’s the last time you were able to buy traffic, for that much – let alone optins & hyper-targeted clicks to your offers!

Q: What happens to my pages when my month’s actions run out?

A: If you go beyond your 1,000 actions (first of all, congratulations!!!), your pages will continue to work as normal except that the optin slide-in & CTA buttons will no longer display.  They will start showing again when a new month starts.

Q: Can I buy more actions?

A: Yes, we’ve varying membership only alternatives.  If you join, we will give you the opportunity to increase your monthly allowance at a special (entirely optional) new members discount.

Q: What are CTA/Optin variations?

A: In your account you are able to store up to 10 different optin lists, or call-to-action slide-in buttons at any one time.  You can edit, add, remove & delete them at any time, but you’re only able to have a max of 10.  You can use these 10 over as many different pages as you would like.  Our most successful ‘beginner level’ members find that this helps keep their focus on building more profitable viral pages, rather than scattering wildly.  If you would like to increase your variations you can, with the special new members offer you will see straight after your buy.

Q: Do I have to buy today?

A: Well, no – nobody is twisting your arm – but, it would be rude of me to not mention that the price is going up – and up… so right now is the best time to buy it at the best price.  When you come back tomorrow, the price will have increased.

Sqzin Review – Conclusion

It comes to the end of my Sqzin Review. I assess this product is incredible for our career. If you really want to develop your online business & get massive profit online, you need it. Moreover, you receive the 30-day money back guarantee, so you’ll take your fund back if after using you see it is not suitable for you. I hope to see your success. Thank you for your attention and good luck.




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