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This New 7-in-1 Software Makes You A Bit of FREE TRAFFIC With Videos & Ranks Them on The First Page of Google & Youtube!

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  • Creator: Ankur Shukla
  • Product: Tube Rank Machine
  • Release Date: 2017-Nov-20
  • Release Time: 11:00 EST
  • Front-End Price: $24
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Ranking your sites in Google can be very difficult.

You have to write articles.
You have to do a great deal of boring yet difficult SEO tasks.
You have to manage websites, hosting and lots of other stuff.
And even after all that hard work, your website might never show up on Google.
Did you know that Google loves VIDEOS?
It will automatically rank Youtube Videos HIGHER than normal sites – even if they are videos you did not produce.
YES – thats correct. Here is proof…

How about getting Unlimited Traffic for FREE using the Power of videos by simply Ranking your movies on the First page of Google in only a Few measures?
And how about generating a great deal of commissions from all that FREE visitors?

You just need 4 things…

#1 – A good attractive TITLE for your movie.
#2 – An amazing description with relevant key words + call to actions & link to your site.
#3 – Plenty of relevant TAGS to assist you get ranked for the right keywords.
#4 – A few hundred backlinks to give you that boost over most of your competitors.

That’s all you want.
Finding all these things “just right” is the biggest problem.
You’ll have to rely on faulty tools and try out many options to find one that works.
That is where 99% people FAIL.
That’s why we made the PERFECT software for you that takes care of all of the little things for you.
Actually this software is far better than anything else out there.
Because it even assembles you BACKLINKS For videos.
Most people forget that videos are just like sites, they need some link love also.

Now the question is, how do you effortlessly do all the 4 STEPS ABOVE without wasting a great deal of time or money?

Our quest for a SOLUTION led us to create something amazing…

Imagine if you could have an extremely simple approach to create VIDEO TITLES for youpersonally?
Imagine if you could fetch the ideal video tags and descriptions from Youtube?

What if you merely need to input the keywords and PUSH ONE BUTTON to receive backlinks…
What if each time you upload a movie, it will AUTOMATICALLY RANK on Youtube & Google without much effort?
What if you could slide to the TOP of GOOGLE without doing lots of work?

What’s Tube Rank Machine?

The KEY factors for ranking Videos higher in Google & Youtube search results to get large amount of traffic for the right key words are 4 key things…
#1 – The TITLE of your Video
#2 – The Description of your Video
#3 – Video TAGS that you add to your video.
#4 – BACKLINKS – you want backlinks to rank everything.

Features of Tube Rank Machine

Get Higher Rankings & More Traffic

Each of the best movies that rank at the top five positions on Google, Yahoo and Bing have 4 things in common… great titles, proper descriptions together with phone to actions, applicable tags and a lot of backlinks. All this done right is proven to rank your videos higher and thats exactly what you get together with our software & you’ll be able to add additional backlinks for your account also.

Utilize for Unlimited Videos – No Limit

Get the Unlimited Videos License for a little price today & you’ll be able to use this software to maximize and rank unlimited videos which you personally possess. The 2000 backlinks we provide you could be spread across all of your videos & you’ll be able to add more any time you need, its only 1-click simple.

Automated Backlink Builder Requires You Links Out Of 5000+ Websites

We run a community of 5000 personal websites which are often updated with plenty of content. You get fresh backlinks to your own videos from this network also it makes it possible to increase your rankings higher because of all of the hyperlink juice you become. It’s a Whole Lot of work producing 5000 websites but you have to use ours 🙂

Fully Cloud Based Software with Nothing to Install or Setup.

There’s nothing to set up, no installation required. Works with both Mac and PC. . Or even in the event that you own Chromebook. This is as straightforward as it gets. Perfect for beginners and experienced professionals, utilizing this software is a piece of cake.

100 percent AUTOPILOT – No Manual Work

When you’ve added the proper names, tags and descriptions for your own videos, just upload them into youtube, then return back into our backlink builder within TuberankMachine, add your youtube connection and begin constructing some links to create your videos rank greater. Each of the links are constructed on Total Autopilot, no manual function.

YES – This is for YOU

Should you want more traffic to your websites using Video then this is the perfect software for you.


The easy truth is – if you’ve got 100 rankings on google instead of just 10, you get a whole lot more visitors to your website. More visitors contributes to more money from your website and that’s always great, right?


SEO traffic would be your ideal form of free visitors you may get. When tweaking a couple of things and installing a brand new software can do this for you, why are you really falling out to the greatest free traffic source on the market?


Adding backlinks can skyrocket the visibility of your articles and take your own videos into the top ranks in search engines. Why be happy with merely a couple of top positions once you can get more by performing 10 seconds of extra work?


Choosing a search engine optimization business may cost you hundreds of dollars monthly (or perhaps thousands when you’ve got a significant site) – why do that if you could get great results by using a very simple software + a couple of seconds of your time.


This software is essential have for every company or site site. Everybody is spending money on SEO – why do that if it is possible to automate 90% of their job with a very simple software. Must have for each website owner.


Whether you’re a blogger or a writer using a website, you want to have more traffic and you would like to reach a larger audience. That is exactly what you may achieve.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Can Tube Rank Machine work with almost any WordPress theme?

Yes, because it connects with all our backend SAAS program it may work with the majority of the favorite wordpress themes so long as your website is self-evident rather than a free wordpress website on

Which type of backlinks are those and what exactly are they coming from?

We’ve got a community of over 5000 wordpress content sites and these backlinks come from several posts and opinions on these sites. They are moderate quality links and vary from PR3 to PR0.

What are Credits? How many Backlinks can I construct?

1 Charge implies 1 Backlinks. Together with the Unlimited Sites option, you are able to install the plugin on unlimited websites assemble around 2000 backlinks across all sites combined. And in our members area you may top up your account with much more backlink credits anytime you would like.

Could I see where are my backlinks coming out of?

Yes as soon as you submit an application to construct say 100 hyperlinks, you’ll find a work REPORT that provides you the specific links where you’ve got your backlinks coming out of. It totally clear.

Are these Backlinks Safe?

Yes they’re – Backlinks are posted into a community of 5000 niche sites, all these sites are 100% secure and a lot of them have been in existence for more than 3 to 5 years The newest connections are drip-fed over multiple days, so it looks natural. A number of our customer websites have moved up in rankings because using this.

How many Backlinks would you urge to add to every post?

In our experience, adding at least 25 backlinks employing backlink machine may often provide you decent rankings in the event the topic or key words aren’t that competitive . however, it highly depends upon the market, keyword along with also the authority of your website. We can’t guarantee any rankings as a whole lot of different variables are responsible for ranking.

Can you offer training or support for this item?

Absolutely! You’ll find a detailed video walkthrough showing you each feature of this plugin. And in case you have any additional query, our support team will be delighted to assist.

Can it be tough to use?

Not at all! Its extremely newbie friendly. We’ve established the user interface using an end user in mind, therefore interaction is quite straightforward and only needs 3 clicks to get everything ready to go.


“It Is A Great Deal. Should I Invest Today?”

Not only are you getting access to Tube Rank Machine for the best price ever offered, but additionally you’re investing entirely without risk. Flicktive include a 30-day Money Back Guarantee Policy. When you select Tube Rank Machine, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you’re not completely happy with it for any reason within the first 30 days, you are eligible for a full refund — no question asked. You have got nothing to lose! What Are You Waiting for ? Try It today and get The Following Bonus Now !

100% Money Back Guarantee!

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