WP Auto CONTENT Review

Why Should You Find Fresh Content?

As a matter of fact, improved and fresh contents have the ability to keep your visitors engaged, as well as push the site to rank higher on Google search engines. Moreover, updating fresh content on a regular basis makes it easier for readers to come back to your site. In contrast, customers are not likely to return to a site if it is full of outdated information about services and products.

Similarly, search engines are in favor of websites with constantly updated content, thus allowing them to rank high on search results. Overall, fresh content plays a vital role in your SEO metrics and strategies. If you want to find a supporting tool that can cover this aspect, then WP Auto CONTENT Review is for you.

WP Auto CONTENT Overview

  • Vendor: Ankur Shukla et al
  • Product: WP AutoCONTENT
  • Launch Date: 2018-May-08
  • Launch Time: 10:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $27
  • Sales Page: Click Here
  • Niche: Software
  • Recommend: Highly Recommend

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WP AutoCONTENT is a plug-in for WordPress blogs. Particularly, site owners will be able to fetch content from 24 different sources on complete autopilot, including Wikipedia, YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Udemy Courses, Facebook, Tumblr, Facebook Posts from Pages, Twitter Tweets, Pinterest Pins, Google+ Posts, Medium Posts, to name but a few. The special thing about this system is that you are able to instantly fetch content and add it to your site. Later in this WP Auto CONTENT Review, I will clearly explain this tool’s features and details.


About Author

Ankur Shukla has gained his reputation for producing tens of trending products. His main focus is to support virtual entrepreneurs with basic processes in their daily tasks, thus making them feel easier when dealing with boring and repetitive tasks. In the past, some of his most successful launches are SEO Toolkit, Leads Machine, Adsense Machine, Social Jacker, and so on.

For that reason, I strongly believe that WP AutoCONTENT is another outstanding application from this vendor. From his years of experience in this field, he has the ability to predict what site owners really need, so Ex WP AutoCONTENT would be a huge success just like its predecessors.

WP Auto CONTENT Features

Here is a summary of what WP AutoCONTENT offers:

· Collect fresh content from several different sources on complete autopilot

· Automatically publish fresh content

· Generate a lot of auto-posting marketing campaigns

· Create content in multiple formats, including videos, images, and texts

· Gather content using RSS feed

· Use fresh content from YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, and Wikipedia

· Provide users with a built-in content-spinning editor

· Add ads automatically

· Convert keywords into many affiliate links that have content

Install the plug-in here.

Who Should Use It?

As I have already mentioned in this WP Auto CONTENT Review, this plug-in has the ability to fetch newly updated content using 24 diffemrent sources such as Top News Site, Vimeo, Flick, Wikipedia, etc. along with other sites using RSS feeds. Not to mention that WP AutoCONTENT is able to spin the chosen content, then upload to your business site.

As a result, posting hundreds of new articles each week will no longer be a dream since you can obtain more traffic. In addition, this widget lets you earn extra benefits by using affiliate links, banners, and ads to benefit your personal blogs. Therefore, I highly recommend this platform for site owners who are sick of coming up with new content for their sites.

Pros and Cons


  • Newbie-friendly dashboard and interface
  • Can be applied to many rare niches
  • Do not require users to have any special skills


Not any

User experience

I used WP Auto Content as beta tester so you can absolutely trust anything I review today.

In my opinion, WP AutoCONTENT is a powerful WordPress plug-in via which you are capable of generating automated blogs and making massive profits. As these jobs are usually challenging, I find it extremely helpful that this widget allows me to create as many images, videos, and articles as I want. Hence, this change will definitely lead to more traffic.

Furthermore, according to the experience that I had with WP AutoCONTENT over the last two weeks, I strongly believe that this system can serve as an automated money-making strategic system. I also suggest that you should take action as soon as possible with a view to building passive incomes sites today.

Now to help you understand all things related to WP Auto Content, I will take a tour into it.

WP Auto Content is a WP Plugin so you have to upload it manually. Here is main dashboard after I activate it successfully.

Note: Please notice that the plugin I test today is WP Auto Content Front-End and WP Auto Content Pro (OTO 1).

[+] The first one I have to do is that I manually set up several things in “Settings”. Please see my screenshot below, you have to do it first because it is the content source.

There are 4 main content sources like below:

-Content: including Youtube, Vimeo, EzineArticles, Newsapi, NewYork Times, Webhose.io, BigContentSearch, BigArticlesScraper, ArticleForge, ArticleBuilder, Etsy, Udemy, Eventbrite, Yelp, GoogleBooks.

-Images: Flickr, and PixaBay

-Social: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Medium, and Tumblr.

-Affiliate: Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, Gearbest, Clickbank, Walmart, Envato, and Careerjet.

You have to go to every content source and get API key and paste into your box. I spend about 30 minutes on doing it (it is lucky that vendor provides the tutorial to get API key for each content source so don’t worry if you have not much technical skills)

[+] Next, I will create my first campaign as example for you today:

After clicking “Create New Campaign”, there are 3 areas you have to visit and put some info into it.

[++] The first area is “General Settings, I will type “health and fitness” as example today, please see my screenshot below:

[++] The second area is “Get Content”, I will choose to get auto-content from Vimeo as example for you.

Then you have to put your keyword into it and tick some box like screenshot below:

Note: You also add more content source.

[++] The third area is “Monetize”, there are 4 ways to making money with Auto Content plugin including banner ads, Adsense, HTML Ad Code, and Inline Links.

I will choose Banner Ads, and here is some info I set up:

[+] Next, you have to click “Save All Changes” to finish your work.

[+] Then, you come back to your campaign dashboard and hit “Run” and F5 your website you will see the miracle things.

Here is screenshot from the post I take as an example today.

Hence, I see this is a good plugin with acceptable price. The most tired work when using this plugin is I have to get all API key to insert to settings. Everthing then is easy and simple because it runs automatically day-by-day.

Evaluation and Price

I have a kind reminder for you guys in this part. If you want to purchase a copy of WP AutoCONTENT, then please wait until May 08, 2018 because it is going to be officially launched on that day. Besides, early birds can get a special price of only $27 during the launch week, so do not miss your chance to have WP AutoCONTENT in your toolkit.

What’s more, WP AutoCONTENT users will be equipped with thorough training materials. As a result, you do not have to worry about anything because the training materials will lead you from A to Z on how to leverage the platform in an appropriate way. Also, you can ask for your money returned within 30 days from the day of your purchase.

Beside, WP Auto Content has 1 Front-End and 6 OTOs:

-Front-End (WP Auto Content – $27) (See Details)

[+] Add Unlimited Content to your blog on Autopilot.

[+] Run Multiple Campaigns on each site.

[+] Auto Post images from Free Image sources..

[+] Get Content from Multiple SOURCES (listed above)

[+] Get Relevant Images for posts that don’t have any.

[+] Automatic Content Spinning.

[+] Add Buy Buttons at the end of posts to Make Money.

[+] Remove outgoing links from imported content.

[+] Get Videos from URLs, Keywords or Channels.

[+] Remove links from video descriptions.

[+] Use the plugin on Unlimited WordPress Sites.

-OTO 1 (AutoContent Pro – $47) (See Details)

[+] All the Features of the Front End Version PLUS you get…

[+] Upgrade to 35 CONTENT SOURCES.

[+] Get Content & Products from Ecommerce Stores.

[+] Earn Commissions & Make Product Sales.

[+] SpinReWriter, WordAI & BestSpinner Integration.

[+] Automatically set Featured Images.

[+] Run UNLIMITED Campaigns in Parallel.

[+] Create COMBO Campaigns with Multiple Sources.

[+] Complete Logs & Reports of your Campaigns.

-OTO 2 (AutoMonetize – $37) (See Details)

-OTO 3 (Auto Traffic – $37) (See Details)

-OTO 4 (Auto Leads – $37) (See Details)

-OTO 5 (WP Auto Content Developers License – $47) (See Details)

-OTO 6 (WP Auto Content Resellers License – $97) (See Details)

Spice Up Your Site with WP AutoCONTENT

In a nutshell, fresh contents are extremely necessary, especially when you want to reach to new groups of customers with new stakeholders. What’s more, if you are a WordPress site owner and you are bored of making up new content, then WP Auto Content is definitely for you.

In conclusion, thank you guys for making it to the very end of my WP Auto CONTENT Review. All of the opinions I mention in this writing is subjective, but I believe that it has been a reliable channel for you to make your final decision. Remember that you can contact me whenever you want if you have any concern or question. Good luck, and I am looking forward to hearing goods new from you guys!


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